About Us


We love making bread and cakes.....as per website down to Deeside Bakery....then.....

From humble beginnings in 1968 as Deeside Bakery supplying our local community demand for our products has grown and so as our business. We are the largest Craft Bakery on the Wirral and beyond and due to popular demand we now have daily deliveries throughout most of Wirral and Cheshire and weekly deliveries throughout Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, North Wales and Merseyside.

With our extensive range of products, artisan quality, great service and outstanding value it’s no wonder we are the choice of premium retailers who demand only the very best.

We are now known as Mellor & Brown Ltd, Great British Bakehouse, proud to represent what is great about baking in our country and working towards one day being able to find our wonderful products no matter where you are.

However even with the ambition we have the essence of what we are remains very simple. We are Bakers. Real Bakers. We have no desire to take over the world if it means compromising on what we do best, we don’t wish to work in a giant factory or have our bakers replaced by machines, we simply want to bake great products and know they are enjoyed.

We have a great team, with the heart being our fantastic bakers, each one with a lifetime of hard earned experience and knowledge and a real passion for their craft. No one spends a life in baking for the money or parties that is certain but the satisfaction we get from our customers enjoyment goes someway to replacing the personal jets if not the early mornings!